Used and Factory Recertified Equipment

Used Equipment

MFT Automation has factory recertified equipment for when new equipment is just not in the budget. As a global leader in the design and manufacturing of friction feeders, labelers, and integrated automation systems, MFT Automation equipment is built for industrial environments and long lifetimes making it ideal for refurbishment and factory recertification. Our inventory of used equipment comes from customers who sell back their equipment after they upgrade their system or when their old equipment no longer fits their application requirements.

Our used equipment maintains high-performance without sacrificing price. We thoroughly inspect our used equipment to identify parts that need replacing or upgrading. After repairing and refurbishing, we rigorously test our used equipment before declaring it factory recertified. Our inventory of factory recertified equipment is always changing. Used equipment often available includes our high-performance friction feeders from across our different series, our wide range of labelers, and system components. Our system components are an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your automation system and include equipment such as Automatic Drop Tables, Automatic Product Loaders, Conveyors, Cach Trays, Collators, Vision Systems, and more.

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Return/Sell Your Equipment

Looking to sell your used equipment? We work with customers to buy back their equipment when it no longer fits their application or requirements. MFT Automation will buy back used equipment, including friction feeders, labelers, and friction feeder and system components in good condition. Our buy back program is on a case-by-case basis, contact us for more information.


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