Magnetic Catch Tray

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Infinitely Adjustable to Products of any Shape or Size

MFT Automation’s Magnetic Catch Tray is the cost-effective manual solution to the Automatic Drop Table for accumulating batches. It is made out of heavy-duty 400 series stainless steel and can easily be placed at the end of any system for accumulating batches. The Magnetic Catch Tray uses magnetic brackets to guide the products into the catch tray to form a stack. The magnets are incredibly strong while still allowing for effortless adjustments to precisely fit products of almost any shape or size. The guide pieces elevate the stacked products making them easy to grasp for smooth removal. The Magnetic Catch Tray is available in standard widths and lengths or can be custom-made to fit your application and system. There are automation options with the Magnetic Catch Tray which include, a start sensor that can sense the removal of the batch and automatically starts the machine for the next batch.

Magnetic Catch Tray

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