Clamshell Containers

Clamshell Containers

Clamshell containers are often plastic containers whose top and bottom are connected, resembling a clam. Used in many different areas of food packaging, from fresh produce to deli sandwiches and meats to bakery goods, clamshell packaging is a convenient resealable packaging option. Clear plastic clamshell containers are popular among customers as they inspect the food in the package before purchasing it. Due to the container’s shape, label applications for clamshell containers can range from simple to difficult. From cosmetic labels to tamper-evident seals, applying labels to clamshell containers is a common application that needs a first-rate labeler.

103 HSM+ Labeler

The 103HSM+ Labeler is high-performance built for high-speed labeling applications. Equipped with three independently powered, synchronized three-axis servo drive motors for unwinding and rewinding, this high-speed labeler quickly matches the speed and spacing of the products as they move through the process. Speed matching is the key to accurate and precise labeling. The three separate motors also increase the labeler’s load capability as the load is distributed over the three motors instead of just a singular motor. The 103HSM+ Labeler is designed for flexibility and can easily be integrated into existing production lines or be a standalone piece of equipment.


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