Testing Booklets

Testing Booklets

From university admission tests to the annual benchmarking state education tests, the security and quality of the test booklets are top priorities. Often times these testing booklets need to be sealed before they’re delivered to test takers to prevent cheating, such as obtaining the test questions before the test. A common sealing method for test booklets is tabbing. Tabbing refers to folding over pressure-sensitive labels to seal boxes, booklets, direct mailers, and other folded media. This is commonly done to keep folded media from opening, for security, and quality control. Automated tabbing looks more professional and takes a fraction of the time compared to manual hand tabbing.

MFT Tabbing System

The Tabbing System utilizes MFT Automation’s robust equipment to seal test booklets. The Tabbing System features an ip3 Series Friction Feeder,  Driven Discharges, High-Speed Labelers, and an Automatic Product Loader (APL). The high-performance Friction Feeder automatically feeds the booklets into the system while the APL expands the Friction Feeders capacity for long uninterrupted runs. The High-Speed Labeler applies the wafer seal to the foredge of the test booklet as a conveyor belt carries it through the system. The Friction Feeder and Driven Discharge work in tandem to feed and control the product for the seal’s most accurate and precise placement. A Folding Assembly then folds the label over test booklet pages to seal it. A process that takes minutes by hand is done in seconds with high accuracy and precision with professional-level results. Like most MFT systems, the Tabbing System can be customized and configured to fit your application.

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