Labeling Ice Cream Pints

Labeling Ice Cream Pints

With the invention of the refrigerator in the 1930s, ice cream was transformed from an outing to the ice cream parlor to an at-home treat! Originally, ice cream pints were packaged in square cartons. Now, the standard for ice cream packaging is round or squaround (square-round, gallon size) containers as they simplify the production and packaging process. Compared to the square ice cream pint boxes, which needed to be assembled before filling, the round containers are already constructed. Customers also prefer the round containers as the shape lends itself better to scooping ice cream. For many large companies, the packaging design is already integrated into the container. But for small businesses that may not have the quantity or resources for that kind of packaging, labeling ice cream containers is the most cost-effective option. Automating the labeling process saves time for businesses, and as the saying goes, time is money. But as a food product, the automated packaging process for ice cream requires equipment that meets food-safe and FDA standards.

Hygienic Washdown Labeler

MFT Automation’s Hygienic Washdown Labeler was designed with food production in mind. The Hygienic Washdown Labeler is robust, engineered with type 304 stainless steel, and passivated for corrosion resistance. The Labelers’ Clean-in-Place design provides minimal contamination points. This allows for minimal disassembly with easy cleaning and maintenance, therefore reducing your risk of contamination on the factory floor. The Labeler is mobile, utilizing a small footprint to quickly change workstation locations and be easily cleaned on the factory floor.

MFT Automation

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