Labeling Resealable Pouches

Labeling Resealable Pouches

From grab-and-go snacks to shelf-stable ingredients, resealable pouches are used in the food packaging industry to keep food fresh for later. The pouches come in various materials and sizes, depending on the product. With eye-catching designs, the pouches also stand out as something different among the aisles of boxed food packaging. Consumers enjoy the convenience of storage and the small packaging sizes for travel. Labeling pouches can be tedious, and human error can lead to unprofessional-looking packaging. Automating the pouch labeling process is quick and easy with the right system.

Impresso Labeler and Friction Feeder System

The Impresso Labeler and Friction Feeder System condense the pouch labeling process into one compact and mobile system. Pouches are loaded into the friction feeder, which dispenses flat pouches. The discharge belts expertly control the pouches to align them for efficient labeling. The friction feeders are equipped with powerful software that reduces errors and allows for accurate counting using overlap detection. At the labeling stage, the Impresso Labeler precisely applies the labels onto pouches with high accuracy. The Impresso Labeler handles up to a 20” diameter roll of labels; 4” wide, or up to 8” labels as an option available for addition. The compact nature of both pieces of equipment creates a system with a small footprint that can stand on its own or easily integrate into existing production lines.

Automatic Product Loader

Due to the resealable pouches’ variable thickness with the zipper or other resealing mechanisms, stacking the pouches in a vertical stack does not work. The vertical stack is unstable and can cause the friction feeder to jam or products to skew. The Automatic Product Loader (APL) is a conveyor that spreads products horizontally versus vertically stacked in the friction feeder. The horizontal stack can sometimes fit more products than a vertical stack, increasing production capacity and runtimes.

MFT Automation

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