Bandages, from small band-aids to gauze, often require a sterile packaging environment. Keeping the bandages safe and sterile is vital due to their usage to treat open wounds. Decreasing the risk of contamination is a top priority. Most companies have turned to automation to decrease the amount of human contact and reduce the risk of contamination in the necessary sterile environments. The most common application when packaging bandages is feeding batches of bandages into boxes. Do you have the right equipment to package your products safely?

Hygienic Washdown Friction Feeders

MFT Automation’s Hygienic Washdown series meets sanitary requirements and complies with IP66 or higher as well as NEMA4X standards. The hygienic friction feeder is designed for end customers in industries that need to repetitively and aggressively clean their production floor equipment.

Hygienic Washdown Feeder 300

This clean-in-place (CIP) friction feeder is engineered with type 304 stainless steel which is moisture and corrosion resistant to meet FDA standards. The open design allows for minimal disassembly for easy cleaning and maintenance. This machine is self-draining and has compatible materials with no hollow areas, which is a principle we follow to ensure a sanitary design and reduced risk of contamination.

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