Meat Soaker Pads

Meat Soaker Pads

Meat soaker pads are a meat packaging industry standard. Used to soak up excess liquids from the raw meat, the flat pads can be made from a variety of absorptive materials, including silica gel or cellulose fibers. The meat juices can contain harmful bacteria that contaminate food preparation areas as the juices leak, spill, or drip out of the packaging.

The sponge-like material of the pads soak up and contain excess moisture, greatly reducing the likelihood of foodborne illnesses. Meat soaker pads are commonly tipped into the packaging tray by a friction feeder before the raw meat is packaged into the container. 

Hygienic Washdown Friction Feeder

As the meat soaker pads have direct contact with the raw meat, it is recommended to use a Hygienic Washdown friction feeder to feed and tip the meat soaker pads.

The Clean-In-Place (CIP) design allows minimal disassembly for easy and convenient cleaning and maintenance.  Specifically designed for the food industry and other sanitary environments, the Hygienic Washdown Friction Feeder series meets the sanitary requirements and complies with IP66 or higher as well as NEMA4X standards.

Made with type 304 stainless steel, Hygienic Washdown Friction Feeders are moisture and corrosion resistant, meeting FDA standards. The Hygienic Washdown Friction Feeder is part of a full line of Hygienic Washdown equipment and can be part of a full Hygienic Washdown system or be easily integrated into existing production lines.


In a tipping application, a friction feeder accurately places a flat tip-on product onto another product moving underneath the feeder (usually on a conveyor). When not automated, hand placing products can be slow with inaccurate and unrepeatable results. Accutipping is MFT Automation’s proprietary tipping software specifically engineered and tailored to MFT friction feeders.

The Recommended Machine
The Recommended Machine

The Accutipping Software makes micro-adjustments to the speed of the products during the feeding cycle to consistently match the spacing of the base products for precise and accurate placement. These reactive adjustments allow for high accuracy placements while maintaining fluidity and high speeds. Unlike other tipping software, Accutipping software has fine-tuning capabilities, and various debounce parameters are also available for flexibility.

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