Robotic Integration

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MFT Automation is a proud Diamond Partner with Mitsubishi Electric Automation to provide a robotic, end-of- arm tooling option for a wide variety of packaging solutions. Our robotic capabilities range from simple pick-and-place applications to more complex packaging needs. Robotic integration brings many benefits to any packaging line, and is the perfect piece to finish off a fully integrated system. Robots are available in ISO3 clean room, IP20, IP65, food grade, and chemical resistant versions. Payloads range from 1 kg to 20 kg with 150 mm to 1000 mm reaches.

Robotic Integration

Robotic Integration

*Numbers reflect Mitsubishi RV-F Series. Contact us for alternate requirements

Max Load Capacity: 20 KG

Max Reach Radius: 1,094 mm

Environmental Specs: IP40, IP67, ISO class3

Key Features

  • Internal pneumatic and electrical connections – Easy connection to peripheral devices
  • Internal arm memory – Maintains error history even without a controller
  • Open architecture MELFA Basic IV platform – Powerful yet easy to use robot OS that does not require costly software adders
  • Singularity avoidance – Ease of programming in areas of singularity
  • Built-in collision detection – Safety and cost savings
  • Compliance control – User-defined path forgiveness
  • Multi-task programming – Allows tasks to be easily separated and programmed
  • Oscillograph function – High speed, real time capture and logging of events
  • Space-saving compact controller – Easy to integrate into any controls package
  • Plug and play interface to Cognex cameras
  • Built in SLMP support – Flexible and easy communication to a large number of devices
  • Remote access capable – Convenient monitoring and control of robot operation
  • Additional axis interface – Plug and play SSCNETIII connection to MR-J4 servos
  • Serial encoder interface – 2 channels for conveyor tracking
  • Gigabit Ethernet communication port – High speed communication and easy integration to vision or other accessories
  • 64 Bit RISC processing – Faster, more precise moves and execution
  • 3.5ms motion control loop – Increased precision and response times
  • USB 2.0 – Quick connection to PC and hassle-free program archiving
  • SD memory card slot – High-capacity storage for data logging
  • Battery free controller – Worry-free program storage that eliminates waste
  • Industry-best warranty – 3-year warranty for all new registered robots

Flexible Packaging

Regular and Stand-Up Pouches
Flow Wrap
Chub Pack
Portion Pack
Vacuum Shrink Pack
Thermoformed Vacuum Pack

Semi-Rigid Packaging

Thermoformed Semi-Rigid Pack
Vacuum Skin Pack
Blister for Tablets
Tube (flexible)
Portion Pack Cup
Blister Pack
Brick Pack

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