Automated Medical Test Kit Production

Best Recommended with a 300mm Wide Hygienic Washdown Feeder for Medical Test Kits

The demand for medical tests is more urgent right now than ever before. But are you printing the boxes for your medical test kits hygienically? Choose a machine that can safely print your information on flat boxes, face shields, temperature strips, and more. Sanitary friction feeders like the Hygienic Washdown Feeder 300 protect your employees and customers from the spread of disease. Plus, new labeling machines can dramatically improve your production capabilities. By automating your medical test kit labeling, you can reduce overall costs while increasing your production potential.

HWD Friction Feeder Use:

MFT Automation’s Hygienic Washdown friction feeders are the perfect machines to help transport cardboard boxes in an automated industrial packaging environment. Our HWD feeders can dispense COVID-19 test kit boxes, swab packages, face shields, and temperature strips, from the feeders magazine. If high capacity is needed, the product can be automated from an Automatic Product Loader (APL). If you are trying to keep up with high demand for Coronavirus test kits, or your system is outdated and needs to be automated, then the Hygienic Washdown Friction Feeder integrated with an Automatic Product Loader (APL) is the solution.

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The Product Application
The Product Application
The Recommended Machine
The Recommended Machine

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