Automatic Drop Table (ADT)

Feeder Components

Precise and Accurate Automatic Batching

The Automatic Drop Table (ADT) is a linear batch dropper that uses retracting rods to hold the batches as they accumulate and then drop the batches onto conveyors. The ADT is the ideal solution for your batch counting needs. Used in conjunction with MFT Automations’ robust friction feeders, our Automatic Drop Table batch counter machine can batch, accumulate, square, and drop accurate counts of a variety of products with high precision performance. The ADT directly interfaces with the friction feeder so there is only one fully integrated control for both pieces of equipment. This allows for the stroke length of the ADT to automatically adjust based on the product setting in the feeder. The rod retraction speed can also be set in the feeder software. Vibratory tappers can be added to the sides, back, and/or front of the ADT to help square up the product before it is dropped by bumping in any products protruding from the stack. The Automatic Drop Table sets up your batching process for efficient success.

Automatic Drop Table

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