Pill Bottle Labeler

Pill Bottle Labeling

The FDA requires labels for all over-the-counter (OTC) medicines (available without a prescription) to have a Drug Facts label. The Drug Facts label was created to reduce consumers’ confusion by standardizing usage and safety information to be more understandable for the average consumer.

The Drug Facts label must have the following information in order:

  • Product’s active ingredients
  • Purpose of the product
  • Intended uses of the product
  • Specific warnings for products such as side effects and activities to avoid
  • Dosage instructions, including when, how, and how often to take
  • Products inactive ingredients (inactive ingredients may include allergens)

Some pill bottle labels have so much information they need extended content labels (ELC), The ELC booklets that lay flat on the bottle and expand when detached. ELCs can be applied like a regular label. With pill bottle labels holding such vital information, pharmaceutical companies must take the utmost care to have the labels applied correctly.

Along with its important information, an eye-catching label can be the catalyst for a sale while skewed labels or labels that look to be unprofessionally applied can cause damage to the company’s credibility. To be competitive in today’s fast-paced and growing pharmaceutical industry, one of the top priorities for efficient production is a reliable bottle labeler.

MFT Impresso Bottle Labeler


The MFT Bottle Labeler aligns and applies labels with consistent pinpoint accuracy. The MFT Impresso Bottle Labeler’s adaptable design is configurable to label bottles of all sizes and even rectangular bottles.

The labeler handles labels of varying sizes up to eight inches. The robust labeler includes customizable computer controls, a 1000-watt brushless servo motor for unwind and rewind, and durable stainless steel shafts to provide maximum life expectancy. If larger production requirements are needed, the MFT Impresso Bottle Labeler is highly mobile and easily integrates with third-party components.

Pill Bottle Labeling Solutions

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