Feeding Tyvek Envelopes

Feeding Tyvek Envelopes

Tyvek is a moisture, rip, tear, and puncture-resistant paper-like material, making it the perfect material for envelopes. Commercial mailing envelopes need to withstand mail sorting machines that operate at high speeds and often snag or jam, leading to damaged mail. The envelopes also have to survive the elements and rough handling by postal workers. Made from high-density polyethylene fibers, the moisture, and tear-resistant material allows for peace of mind when sending important materials through the mail. The same qualities that make it great for commercial mailing also lend Tyvek envelopes to document storage and protection applications. Tyvek is the perfect archival material, as it is pH-neutral, moisture-resistant, and tear-proof.   Automating the handling of Tyvek envelopes is easy with the right equipment.

MFT Friction Feeders

MFT Automation offers a wide range of Friction Feeders to fit your automation needs. Friction feeders are a powerful piece of automation equipment that separates and dispenses flat products from a vertical stack, one product at a time. They are ideal for automatically feeding the flat Tyvek envelopes into an automation system. From larger sizes to fit your oversized envelopes to high-speed options to fit the pace of your production, an MFT Friction Feeder will fit your application.

Industrial Performance Series

The Industrial Performance (ip3) Series is MFT Automation’s classic premium feeding solution. With multiple sizes to fit the size of your application, the standard features of an MFT ip3 make it perfect for feeding Tyvek Envelopes. All ip3 feeders have proprietary stripping wheels that come in different widths and materials to fit the product. different gearing options that aid in product separation during the transfer from the infeed to the discharge, providing ease of use and versatility in product feeding. The Double Detect Sensor guarantees a correct count with accurate overlap detection. Powered by a 750-watt (optional 1000-watt available) brushless servo motor, the ip3 Series is built to provide years of uninterrupted service.

High Continuous Performance Series

The High Continuous Performance (HCP) Series is MFT Automation’s next level of friction feeding, expanding on the performance and accuracy already built into the MFT ip3 Series. The HCP series has the standard features of the ip3 Series and upgrades the belts to premium high-strength hard carcass belts that have minimal stretch for longer and faster production runs. Vacuum belts are also available which allow for tighter control and an open face for applications such as track and trace and quality control where the product needs to be exposed. The HCP series unifies high-performance parts with specially tuned software for high linear speeds and tighter placement which equates to more product throughput.

Necessary Accessory: Static Bar

MFT Automation also has an extensive assortment of components and accessories to customize and tailor your friction feeder for the job. Our most common accessory for Tyvek feeding is the static bar to reduce the static often associated with the Tyvek material. Friction associated with the feeding process can impart static onto products as they are separated and dispensed.  Static causes the envelopes to stick together and cause overlaps, jams, and quality issues. The static bar dissipates the static charge as the products exit the friction feeder discharge.

MFT Automation

MFT Automation has been helping customers design, build, and integrate high-performance automation solutions for over 25 years. MFT Automation’s equipment, systems, and services are known for their flexibility, accuracy, and performance. Our success is made possible by our engineering-oriented and customer-driven approach to finding the best possible automation solution for customers’ applications. With an abundance of in-house resources including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, and a machine shop with modern CNC and lathe machine tools, we work with customers from the first solution draft to installation and integration. Contact us with your latest automation challenge, online or call us at 1-651-412-1873.

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