Coffee Bags

Coffee Bags

The pandemic has driven many consumers to start brewing their own coffee with work from home and price surges. Coffee bags and their labels help brands stand out on the shelves and communicate important things to customers, such as the coffee’s taste, ingredients, and more. For a growing business, labeling by hand might become too overwhelming as orders grow. Automating the labeling process has its challenges. Some coffee bags are made of slippery materials or have resealable parts that stick outside the edge of the bag. These factors make the coffee bags hard to handle for many automated systems. But with the right system, automating your coffee bag labeling process is easy.

Impresso Labeler and Friction Feeder System

The Impresso Labeler and Friction Feeder System combine our robust friction feeder with our highly accurate and precise labeler. The friction feeder dispenses the product onto a short conveyor where it is brought to the labeler to be efficiently labeled. The friction feeder can be customized for your coffee bags to fit and easily be fed through the system. The Impresso consistently labels the bags with accuracy and precision. This compact system easily integrates into any existing production line with its modular and customizable design. The comprehensive software package features overlap detection to ensure an accurate count of products. Not only is the Impresso Labeler and Friction Feeder System highly efficient and effective, but is also remarkably easy and versatile to interface using standard industry-compliant connectors.

MFT Automation

MFT Automation has been helping customers design, build, and integrate high-performance automation solutions for over 25 years. MFT Automation’s equipment, systems, and services are known for their flexibility, accuracy, and performance. Our success is made possible by our engineering-oriented and customer-driven approach to finding the best possible automation solution for customers’ applications. With an abundance of in-house resources including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, and a machine shop with modern CNC and lathe machine tools, we work with customers from the first solution draft to installation and integration. Contact us with your latest automation challenge, online or call us at 1-651-412-1873.

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