RFID Labeling

RFID Labels

Radio Frequency Identification, more commonly known as RFID, is a wireless form of communication that uses a small chip that has a small antenna to communicate with other devices via radio waves. RFID has experienced massive growth in the past few years with new advancements in technology. RFID tags store a wide range of data from a simple serial number to several pages of complex data. RFID tags have a wide variety of applications in hundreds of industries, including packaging, transportation, retail, medical, sports, and more.

RFID Labels are used in the packaging industry to track inventory. The Labels are easy to apply to packaging and pallets to uniquely identify the products and communicate data to other devices. RFID readers can be handheld or unobtrusively mounted overhead. Mounted reader systems can constantly track RFID tags in a warehouse creating a detailed picture of inventory movement and productivity. RFID data allows companies to make data driven decisions about their processes.


MFT Automation has a comprehensive collection of high-performance industrial labelers to fit your application. From Hygienic Washdown for food packaging and medical devices to High-Speed Labelers for fast application speeds, our labelers are modular in design to be mobile and fit into tight spaces in any existing production lines.

The Impresso Labeler series is our recommendation for RFID labeling. With repeatable accuracy and precision, the pressure-sensitive Impresso Labeler quickly applies RFID labels to the packaging with care. The state-of-the-art, high-performance labeler features a brushless servo motor for efficient unwinding and rewinding and durable stainless-steel shafts provide maximum life expectancy. The Impresso labeler handles up to a 20” diameter roll of labels; with 4”, 8”, or 12” wide options.

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