Labeling Vials

Labeling Vials

Vials are usually small, cylindrical, glass bottles but can come in all sizes and be made with many different types of materials. Mainly found in the science, medical, and pharmaceutical industries, vials are used for storing small quantities of liquid substances, such as vaccines, liquid samples, chemicals, and other medicines. Vials usually need labels for identification and tracking purposes. From barcodes to batch labels and more, there are a variety of reasons to label vials. The small size of the vials and labels, in addition to the speed needed to meet demands, can make it a challenge to consistently and accurately label the products. An error while labeling vials can cost millions of dollars and, in extreme cases, can jeopardize public health. Automating the vial labeling process can reduce errors and labor-intensive work, saving time and money, but you need the right vial labeling system for this specialized handling process.

Impresso Labeler

The Impresso Labeler is our high-performance pressure-sensitive labeler. This labeler is the perfect vial labeling machine. Vial labeling applications use the wrap-around labeling technique where a labeler’s precision and accuracy are critical factors to success. To achieve the technique’s necessary high rates of precision and accuracy, the Impresso labeler boasts impressive features. The Impresso labeler’s highly adaptable software package can integrate multiple sensor triggers to achieve accurate label placement at high speeds. The Impresso Labeler is equipped with an independently powered 1000-watt brushless servo motor for repeatable accuracy. The compact and flexible design allows for the labeler to be a stand-alone piece of equipment or be easily integrated into existing production lines and systems.

MFT Automation

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