Loose Loop


High Quality Thermal Printing with Smart Pad Application

Combining the high speed and accuracy of our wipe-on label applicator and the instantaneous printing abilities of our Print and Apply system, the MFT Loose Loop meets the high demands of label application with ease. The Loose Loop features a special dancer arm that works to maintain loose tension in the liner between the print engine and peel plate so that neither of the two drives (print engine & Impresso engine) feels the pulling action of the other. This allows for the labeling and printing cycle to function independently. With a compact design, the system can be easily integrated into existing production lines without sacrificing space. Modular design with the ability to support over 18 different print engines allows for customization of print quality. Customization also gives the option to match the MFT Loose Loop’s printing engine to a customer’s existing print engine so there is no learning curve on maintenance for a new print engine. The system offers customizable computer controls with an on-board panel for accurate placement, a 1000-watt brushless servo motor, and durable stainless steel shafts to provide maximum life expectancy.

Impresso Loose Loop

Impresso Loose Loop

Minimum Label Size: 10mm (W) x 10mm (L)

Max Label Size (4 inch): 100mm (W) x 1000mm (L)

Max Label Size (8 inch): 203 mm (W) x 1000mm (L)

Max Speed: Dependent on product size


Below are a few examples of common applications used with the Loose Loop Labeler. Our
machines all have a wide variety of applications, so please reach out if you have a question
regarding your specific application and we will find the right solution for you!

Medical Test Kits

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Bottle Labeling

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