Bubble Mailers

Bubble Mailers

Bubble Mailers or padded envelopes are commonly used to ship flat, fragile, or smaller objects that are too big for envelopes but too small for boxes. Items such as CDs, jewelry, books, DVDs, and more can safely be shipped in bubble mailers with lower shipping fees. Labeling bubble mailers can be a bottleneck in the packaging and shipping process. The quality of manual label placement also suffers as workers are overloaded with demand. Automating the printing and labeling process can increase output and quality. Automated labelers are faster and label placement is much more precise and accurate compared to manual placement.

150 Print and Apply

MFT Automation’s Print and Apply labeling systems prints and adheres labels to bubble mailers with ease. The system has a modular design with the ability to use different print engines, allowing for print quality customization. Customization allows matching the printing engine to a customer’s existing print engine so there is no learning curve in maintenance for a new print engine. The labeling system features the MFT Automation Smart Pad, an applicator that automatically adjusts to the product’s height and places labels accurately and reliably. The MFT Automation Smart Pad is easy to changeover to customize for different size labels and does not necessitate tools.

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