Labeling Dropper Bottles

Labeling Dropper Bottles

From pharmaceutical labs to essential oils, dropper bottles have multiple uses in many different industries. In consumer packaged goods, such as essential oils and other beauty products, consumers make split decisions in the aisles based on looks. A skewed label can look unprofessional and damage a company’s credibility with consumers. In pharmaceutical labs, the stakes for labels are much higher than a missed sale. A mislabeled or poorly labeled dropper bottle could lead to disaster in a lab where dangerous chemicals can be accidentally mixed. Dropper bottles are used to dispense small quantities of liquid. The bottles and the pipette eye dropper inside of them can be made of either glass or plastic, which allows for a variety of liquids to be stored in the bottles. The dropper uses suction to draw liquid up into the pipette. Once in the pipette, the liquid can be precisely released when the dropper is squeezed. Labeling dropper bottles by hand can be tedious but with the right automated labeling system, the labeling process can be fast and simple with high-quality and professional-looking label application.

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MFT Impresso Bottle Labeler

The Impresso Bottle Labeler System is the ideal automation system for labeling dropper bottles. Equipped with the high-performance Impresso Labeler, the system applies pressure-sensitive labels to the smallest glass and plastic bottles. Dropper bottles are often small, so precision and accuracy are needed during the labeling process, as a skewed label stands out on such a small surface. To successfully label at the required high rates of accuracy and precision, the Impresso Labeler possesses impressive features.

The Impresso Labeler features an independently powered 1000-watt brushless servo motor for repeatable accuracy. With a highly adaptable software package that can integrate multiple sensor triggers, the Impresso Labeler achieves accurate label placement at high speeds. Whatever your company’s dropper bottle labeling project requirements are, the MFT Bottle Labeler is a dependable, mobile machine, able to be moved quickly to other locations inside your warehouse for increased utilization.

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