Extended Content Labels

Extended Content Labeler

Extended Content Labels (ECL) are pressure-sensitive labels that fold or pop out from the surface of the package to deliver more information to the customer. ECLs are commonly found in the pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, and pesticide industries due to the industries’ strict standards that require extensive and in-depth health and safety information to be present on small packaging, such as pill bottles and small cartons. Beyond information requirements, ECLs can be used for coupons, game and sweepstake pieces, ingredients, recipes, promotional items, and more. There are a variety of different types of ECLs but the most common types of ECLs are Peel Labels and Booklet Labels.

Peel-Back Labels

Peel-back labels are a type of ECL that lay flat on the packaging and then peels away to reveal more information on the back. The label can then be resealed to preserve the packaging. Peel-back labels increase the space on the label for eye-catching designs and more without sacrificing important or required information.

Booklet Labels

Booklet labels can provide several pages of information while using very little surface area. Usually in the form of a large sheet and folded to create a booklet, the label’s multiple pages lay flat on the packaging until unsealed and unfolded. With endless folding and design possibilities, booklet labels are a versatile alternative to peel-back labels when an extensive amount of information is required or wanted.

MFT Automation Solutions

MFT Labelers

ECLs labels can be applied to any smooth surface using a high-performance labeler. MFT Automation has a catalog of high-performance and high-speed labelers to tackle the most demanding labeling challenges. From the High-Speed Modular line to the Hygienic Washdown Labeler for sanitary environments, MFT Automation has a wide range of labelers to fit your application.

Booklet to Web

The MFT Booklet to Web System uses the proven and patented Lead-Edge Registration technology that eliminates product skewing as it is fed through the system. Hard carcass belts pull the rigid folded edge of the booklet forward into lugs to quickly square the products with accuracy and precision that carries into the final placement onto the web. This avoids pushing against the open trailing edge of the ECL, which may not properly register the products. With the ability to be mounted directly onto a web printing system, the Booklet to Web system easily integrates into existing lines for more productivity.

With over 25 years of experience in the packaging automation industry, MFT Automation works directly with customers to solve their automation challenges. Contact us at 651-237-7834 or request a quote to discuss your application further.

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