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Best Recommended with the Impresso Labeler Integrated with an ip3 Friction Feeder

At Multifeeder Technology, our high performance label applicators are easy to use, compact, and suitably mobile to fit into tight production areas.  Our industrial labelers apply labels at high speeds with accurate quality label placement, for numerous industries such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage, packaging and print, and more.  A perfect option is our Impresso Labeler integrated with an ip3 Friction Feeder.

Impresso Labeler Integrated with an ip3 Friction Feeder Use:

Security labels are adhered or attached to personal items or products to add security protection and tamper evidence. These labels have pressure sensitive adhesive, are easily applied to surfaces, and have a face material that accepts being printed with a barcode or other information. There are many different kinds of security labels on the market for numerous different situations.

Tamper-resistant labels are used when sending sensitive documents by way of envelope. A tamper evident seal will clearly and easily show whether anyone has attempted to gain access to documents or any other important envelope contents. The security labels or stickers can show a tear, can disintegrate, or can leave behind a message that access has been attempted by leaving various hidden patterns or words on the surface of the product, or can even show that a seal has been broken in a door, window, or cabinet.

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) labels are another form of Security label. A micro-chip and an integrated antenna are embedded into the label in order to send information to a receiver. With the miniaturization of electronic technology today, these labels can be quite flat or encased in a small plastic shell, and are used extensively in retail stores.

Another interesting feature of an additional type of security label is the label’s detection of water contact. Water-sensitive security labels are designed to dissolve or change colors upon evidence that water-related tampering has occurred. This type of security seal is a great option for protecting water-sensitive products, such as electronics that may be compromised if they come into contact with water.

In today’s world, where safety and security is foremost, security labels fulfill an important need for prevention and protection.

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