Labeling Square Bottles

Labeling Square Bottles

Whether you’re needing an automated labeling system to place labels on your square water bottle or a label applicator to adhere labels to an olive oil bottle, MFT Automation can provide a reliable and timesaving solution for your square bottle labeling operations.

While most bottles are cylindrical, some brands use square bottles to make their packaging stand out from all the basic cylindrical bottles on the shelf. With four sides, the square bottle has a lot of room for creative packaging design. In terms of logistics, the square bottles use space more efficiently when packaged together, saving space in both shipping and warehouse storage. Labeling square bottles by hand can be tedious with a high margin of error with label placement. Automating the labeling process saves time and money with workers focusing on more complex tasks and an automatic labeler can label faster than a human. Automatic labelers are also more accurate and precise with label placement, elevating the bottle label’s appearance to a more professional level.

103 HSM+

Take your bottle labeling process to the next level with MFT Automation’s high-speed labelers. Whether you need to label one side or all four sides the high-speed labeler maintains high speeds without sacrificing accuracy or precision. The 103 High-Speed Modular (HSM) Labeler is a high-performance labeler built for high-speed labeling applications. Equipped with three independently powered synchronized servo drive motors for unwinding, label placement, and rewind, the 103 HSM quickly adjusts labeling speed to match the speed of the product as it travels down the conveyor. Speed matching is vital for accurate label placement. Three motors also distribute the load and increase the labeler’s load capacity. Designed for flexibility, this small, compact labeler works as a stand-alone piece of equipment or can easily be integrated into existing production lines.

MFT Automation

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