UPC Labeling

Labeler Machines For UPC Labeling

Universal Product Code (UPC), also redundantly referred to as UPC code, is the unique 12-digit number assigned to a product or item by the Global Standards Organization (GS1).

Commonly required for products being sold in the United States, the UPC is transformed into a unique barcode label for convenient scanning and inventory tracking. With each product and its variations needing its own unique UPC code, companies can have hundreds and thousands of UPCs for their inventory. For example, for every t-shirt design, there are size variations from extra small to extra large meaning a company needs five UPCs for just one t-shirt design.

Labeling by hand at that scale is a tedious and enormous task with pain points that can easily be remedied with automation. Depending on your UPC labeling application, MFT Automation has the labeler to fit the specific needs of your application.

MFT Labelers

Impresso Series

MFT Automation’s Impresso Labeler is small and compact for maximum flexibility to be easily integrated into existing production lines or exist as a piece of standalone equipment. The state-of-the-art, high-performance labeler features a 1000-watt brushless servo motor for efficient unwinding and rewinding and durable stainless steel shafts provide maximum life expectancy.

High-Speed Modular Series

With independently powered, synchronized servo drive motors for unwind, rewind, and drive, the High Speeds Modular (HSM) series can function at high speeds while maintaining accuracy and precision while placing labels. Flexible and compact, the HSM series can be easily integrated into existing systems or be a standalone piece of equipment without sacrificing space in your production lines.

Print and Apply Labeler

The MFT Print and Apply Labeler system prints and adheres labels to most flat surfaces from packaging, cartons to folders, pouches, and more. The system has a modular design with the ability to use different print engines for customization of print quality. Customization gives the option to match the printing engine to a customer’s existing print engine so there is no learning curve in maintenance for a new print engine.


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