Large Format

Booklet to Web System

Powerful Web-Tipping System for Wider Products

The Large Format Booklet to Web System, reliably and accurately applies wide tip-on products to a web at high production speeds. The Large Format Booklet to Web uses the robust MFT 550 ip3 Friction Feeder to feed large products into the registration stage of the system. The broadness of the system allows for more lug belts that contribute to the system’s high and accurate tipping rate. Innovatively
designed with patented lead edge registration technology, the web-tipping system increases web production quality and accurately places labels within fractions of a millimeter. The dual 750-watt brushless servo-motors meets challenges of the most demanding applications while providing years of dependable operation.

Large Format

Large Format

Max Run Size: 500mm (w)

Max Product Thickness: 25mm

Max Belt Speed: 200m/min


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Below are a few examples of common applications used with the Large Format Booklet to Web System. Our
machines all have a wide variety of applications, so please reach out if you have a question
regarding your specific application and we will find the right solution for you!

Medical Test Kits

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Credit Cards & Gift Cards

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UDI Labeling

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