Bagging products is a monotonous task that can easily be automated to improve productivity and save time. Automating the bagging process can save hours with many bagging machines capable of cycling at rates over 100 bags per minute. A common bagging application is inserting paper booklets and flyers into a bag. This is commonly done to protect the paper products, which are usually important documents such as safety warnings or instructions. Collating the different paper products in preparation for bagging is done upstream, and then the collated batches are deposited into the bag. The bagging machine also seals the bag before sending it to the next step of the process. Bagging machines can easily be integrated into existing production lines to upgrade any packaging process.

MFT Bagger System

The Bagger System consolidates the batching and bagging process into one efficient system. The system can be configured to match almost any product or bag size. When vertical bagging is preferred, add our Flexible Discharge to redirect product flow. The bag material is not a problem as MFT Automation also offers accessories to minimize static that comes with bagging. Our experienced automation experts work with the customer to find the most effective configuration for their bagging process. MFT Automation is a one-stop shop for bagging solutions with a wide range of friction feeders, conveyors, and baggers.

MFT Automation has been helping customers design, build, and integrate high-performance automation solutions for over 25 years. MFT Automation’s equipment, systems, and services are known for their flexibility, accuracy, and performance. Made possible by our engineering-oriented and customer-driven approach to finding the best possible automation solution for customers’ applications. With an abundance of in-house resources including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, and a machine shop with modern CNC and lathe machine tools, we work with customers from the first solution draft to installation and integration. Contact us with your latest automation challenge, online or call us at 1-651-427-1255.

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