Pizza Trays

Best Recommended with a 300mm Wide Hygienic Washdown Feeder

Pizza trays are made from durable fluted corrugated cardboard construction that are food-safe and FDA approved for handling food products. Pizza trays are used as a base for the pizza in the packaging process, and are usually brown or white in color, with white being used for presentations. The trays are usually rectangular or round in shape, and their sizes range from 10” to 18” in diameter. They are designed to hold heavy food products such as a pizza or cake, and provide a moisture barrier between the food and box to absorb liquid and ensure freshness. Pizza trays are good for the environment, and are 100% recycleable.

HWD Friction feeder Use:

MFT’s Hygienic Washdown friction feeders are the perfect machines to help transport corrugated pizza trays in an automated industrial packaging environment. Our HWD feeders can dispense pizza trays, pizza labels, or slip sheets from the feeders magazine, or if high capacity is needed, the pizza trays can be automated from an Automatic Product Loader (APL). If your customer is requiring a demanding high production rate for pizza production, or your system is outdated and needs to be automated, then the MFT Hygienic Washdown Friction Feeder integrated with an Automatic Product Loader (APL) is the solution.

For further information about your Pizza Trays feeding production needs, give us a call at 651-407-3100.

The Product Application
The Product Application
The Recommended Machine
The Recommended Machine

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