Driven Pressure Roller

System Components

Motor-Driven Pressure Roller for Seamless Labeling and Folding

The Driven Pressure Roller improves labeling speed and tipping applications. A normal roller has no motor and the conveyor belt and base product drive the pressure roller while the label/tip-on product is applied. The Driven Pressure Roller is powered by a servo motor that matches the speed of the base product, making the label transfer seamless with no drag on the base product. It actively pulls the base product towards it and quickly outputs the base product after the label/tip-on product has been seated. The motor drive allows thicker base product materials to be run through the system because the pressure roller can be positioned at the height of the top surface of the base product, above the conveyor belt, without losing proper rotation. The brushless servo motor has a long lifespan and reliably provides years of uninterrupted service.

Driven Pressure Roller

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