Missouri Cannabis Labeling Laws

Excerpted from Missouri Division of Regulation and Licensure Chapter 95—Medical Marijuana on: Updated 11/30/20

19 CSR 30-95.040 Medical Marijuana Facilities Generally

(B) Unless otherwise addressed or prohibited by contract or law, an entity holding a contract with the state of Missouri for a statewide track and trace system and any affiliates of that entity may charge a price to a licensed or certified facility for plant/product tracking labels, but no such price shall exceed the cost of producing the label in an amount that would create more than thirty percent (30%) net profit on each label.

(K) All cultivation, infused products manufacturing, and dispensary facilities shall ensure that all medical marijuana is packaged and labeled in a manner consistent with the following: 1. Facilities shall not manufacture, package, or label marijuana— A. In a false or misleading manner; B. In any manner designed to cause confusion between a marijuana product and any product not containing marijuana; or C. In any manner designed to appeal to a minor; 2. Marijuana and marijuana-infused products shall be sold in containers clearly and conspicuously labeled with: A. “Marijuana” or a “Marijuana-infused Product” in a font size at least as large as the largest other font size used on the package

Marijuana and marijuana-infused products shall bear a label displaying the following information, in the following order: LINK


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