Best recommended with a 200 mm wide machine: 250 ip3 or 250v3

Friction feeder use:
Credit cards are best used on 200 mm wide machine such as a MFT 250 ip3 or the MFT 250v3. Credit cards are held in place for feeding with a large infeed magazine to hold hundreds of cards to run at a high automated production rate. When feeding credit cards, different accessories can be integrated on the feeder such as a card printer, magstripe reader or writer, and high speed sensing counters depending on the production needed.

The CR80 card, most popular as a credit card, is a plastic, paper or PVC card material used in many growing industries, such as Financial banking, Gift, Loyalty, Retail, Hospitality and more. The most common or standard CR80 size is 3.375” x 2.125” dimensionally, and 30 mil, 0.030 inches in thickness. There are many different production methods and finishes used in the making of CR80 cards, such as dye sublimation, offset and silkscreen printing, barcoding, embossing, foil stamping, lamination, encoding and hologram.  Common applications for the CR80 card are credit cards, ID systems, loyalty cards, key cards, token cards, magnetic stripe cards, smart cards, and a host of others.  The CR80 is a durable card that can endure everyday common use.  The 30 mil size is the most popular for card reading equipment used in retail banking and payment systems. CR80 cards are also available in different thicknesses depending on the application.  With all of the different applications possible, the everyday credit card for cashless payments is the most widely used.

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*Optional Automatic Product Loader for additional loading capacity.

credit card activation label