Commercial Unwind/Rewind Product Label Applicator Machine

The Impresso Labeler machine is the newest design in our labeling product line. With a small footprint and ease of mobility, the label applicator can fit into the tightest of production areas. This compact label feeder machine offers customizable computer controls with an on-board panel for accurate placement, a 1000-watt brushless servo motor, and durable stainless steel shafts to provide maximum life expectancy.

Impresso Labeler Typical Applications

  • Typical Height: 942mm
  • Typical Length: 1106mm
  • Typical Width: 370mm
  • Equipped with an independently powered 1000-watt servo motor for unwind and rewind
  • Designed for flexibility to stand-alone or integrate with existing production lines
  • Highly adaptable software package that can integrate multiple sensor triggers to achieve
    accurate label placement at high speeds
  • Small compact design is versatile to handle up to a 20″ diameter roll of labels; 4″ wide