UDI Labeling

Best recommended with: MFT 350 or MFT 550 ip3

Using an automated UDI labeling system can keep your medical device manufacturing business running smoothly. When paired with a print system, our MFT 350ip3 and MFT 550ip3 machines become excellent solutions for placing, tracking, and verifying UDI codes. These friction feeder machines feed a flat product into an integrated print system with a camera verification. This system typically includes a database that verifies and tracks the UDI codes in conjunction with the printer. Often times the printer is either a direct printer (thermal, inkjet or laser printer) or a print and apply labeler prints the UDI onto a label, which is then applied to the product. Applying UDI codes is a critical step to ensure you follow the FDA’s Unique Device Identification System rule. If you are looking for an efficient way to ensure your device and production identifiers are labeled efficiently, then a friction feeder and labeler system like the Track and Trace could be a great option.

IP3 Friction Feeder Use:

The FDA’s rule defines a “labeler” as anybody who applies a label to a device with the intention to sell that device. This encompasses anyone who changes the label after manufacturing.

Jobs that could fall into this category include manufacturers, reprocessors, specification developers, repackagers and relabelers. Anyone with these roles should make sure their business has full UDI labeling capabilities.

One of the most challenging aspects of UDI coding is including all of the correct details on your label. Your UDI should contain two parts: the device identifier and the production identifier. Both of these aspects need to appear in both readable plain text and machine-readable forms. This level of detail requires a labeling machine with precision and adaptable controls. That’s why our MFT 350ip3 and MFT 550ip3 friction feeders are ideal for medical device labeling.

As the health industry grows, medical devices are evolving too. Many businesses manufacture and sell devices that help people all over the world. If you work in the medical field, MFT Automation wants to make it easy for your business to follow FDA rules and operate efficiently.

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