West Virginia Cannabis Labeling Laws

Updated June 12, 2020.

64CSR112 – Section 4. Dispensing medical cannabis.


Prior to the completion of the transaction, the employee conducting the transaction at the dispensary must prepare a receipt of the transaction and file the receipt information with the bureau utilizing the electronic tracking system. A dispensary must provide a copy of the receipt to the patient or the caregiver, unless the patient or the caregiver declines the receipt. The receipt must include the following information.

a. The name, address and any permit number assigned to the dispensary by the bureau.

b. The name and address of the patient and, if applicable, the patient’s caregiver.

c. The date the medical cannabis was dispensed.

d. Any requirements or limitations noted by the practitioner on the patient’s certification as to the form of medical cannabis that the patient should use.

e. The form and the quantity of medical cannabis dispensed.


64CSR112 – Section 8. Labels and safety inserts.


A dispensary must dispense medical cannabis to a patient or caregiver in a sealed and properly labeled package.


The dispensary must inspect the label to ensure that the label contains the following:

a. The information required to be included in section 4 of this rule.

b. The packaging date.

c. A use by or expiration date.

d. The following warning stating: “This product is for medicinal use only. Women should not consume during pregnancy or while breastfeeding except on the advice of the practitioner who issued the certification and, in the case of breastfeeding, the infant’s pediatrician. This product might impart the ability to drive or operate heavy machinery. Keep out of the reach of children.”

e. The number of individual doses contained within the package and the species and percentage of THC and CBD.

f. A warning that the medical cannabis must be kept in the original container in which is was dispensed.

g. A warning that unauthorized use in unlawful and will subject the purchaser or user to criminal penalties.

h. Any other information required by the bureau.


The dispensary must inspect the label to ensure that the label does not bear:

a. Any resemblance to the trademarked, characteristic, or product-specialized packaging of any commercially available food or beverage product.

b. Any statement, artwork, or design that could reasonable lead an individual to believe that the package contains anything other than medical cannabis.

c. Any seal, flag, crest, coat of arms, or other insignia that could reasonably mislead an individual to believe that the product has been endorsed, manufactured, or approved for use by any state, county, or municipality or any agency thereof.

d. Any cartoon, color scheme, image, graphic, or feature that might make the package attractive to children.


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